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How Interesting - 11-11-05
SCHOOL - Chemisty Class
12:20 PM
According to my friends, I am NOT the stereotypical lezzy.
Oh boy.
Lunch table convos? Crazy.
Wrestlers spandex, naked dreams and Scott the Gaywad.
We believe that the sloppy joes are made out of dog food...or perhaps they strained yesterdays left-over chili.
Oh well, I ate it, and I enjoyed it.
12:22 PM
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackle...choke*
Lunch was fun. The girls next to us were dead silent the whole time, listening to our convo.
Mondo buttheads.
The one, whom I do believe is named Autumn, (who names their kid after a season? "Hey, Winter, get over here!") had to move away from me.
Wouldn't want my lezzy germs leaking out of my ear and onto her shoulder.
12:31 PM
No time to explain lunch, this Chemistry class is ridiculous.
(I do want to mention that a whole line of guys were trying to flip on the wall like the Matrix, it was dumb.)
12:34 PM
Whales have mondo large penises. They call them dorks. The ocean has plenty of their sperm in it. -_-
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(Verse 1)
The cold winter sees
A future I need
I'm asking for us to be
Promises to keep
Testing us so through
Baby we will be
Together forever…
I see you seeing me
Through the eyes of what could be
I see you seeing me
In our future days
May we always be
(Verse 2)
And in our summer days
Maybe we will play
Here we are to be
Baby I will be
The best love you'll ever meet
And we will be
Together forever…
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Opal :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 2 Eyeness :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 7
Great Ones
Black eyes looking back at me,
Through the trees, through the leaves.
I cannot move, I am stunned,
I'm among the Great Ones.
I look around that's all I see,
Those black eyes looking back at me.
I can't move, I'm stiff as a board,
The only help I'll get now is from the Lord.
Surrounded now, I can't get out,
I cannot peep "help", let alone shout.
They're coming closer, I close my eyes,
Yet still I see their enormous size.
Minutes pass,
I open my eyes.
What do I see?
No more black eyes looking back at me.
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Looks Like Zeke :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 5

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City Limits
The hours pass so quickly...
The moon is but a sliver in the sky.  A papercut in the black night.  The city lights glow above and beyond us.  I keep thinking both that I am afraid, in pain, and that I'm alive.  Just as anyone else.  I have hair and nails that grow and skin that breaks.  Just like anyone else.
My breathing is heavy and shaky.  The air smells of hospital.  Seemingly sterile and clean, so terribly, terribly void of anything but life-giving abilities.  What did it ever do for me?  So pure to the senses, and yet so putrid, so infested.
Your words are like alcohol to my fresh sores.  Your pain is my guilt is my stumbling block.  My brain has been reeling for years, and the picture show is complete.  You didn't like the story.
It kills me to say I don't care.  To know that two days ago, we embraced as we should, and now, we both lay dying
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Pen and Ink: Sephiroth :iconxrainingxbloodx:xrainingxbloodx 16 35 Dark angel :iconapestool345:apestool345 6 8 :annoy: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 901 311 :magick: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 648 198
birds song
Stop the ringing in my ears of the death
Bells that chime for another lost soul
Who fell for a life full of supposed
Purposes and meanings that help
Negotiate and regulate the madness
Was every moment worth it and every risk
Worth running in the long run
Was it enjoyed or endured, mind games
Won and lost
So many questions to answer so please
Stop this ringing in my ears of another
Death bell because it's hammering my soul
We all do it
Download another cheap deceitful
Film and wonder why reality
Just isn't that kind
Full of unimaginable joys of
Fulfilling passions with the beautiful
People no one else seems to find
Drift away from the bitter routine to
Escapism of a purely shallow level
That looks great
Instead of lifeless fantasies that never
Get off the ground and are begin to
Generate strong hate
It's always better on the screen, but hard
To compare in real life because reality
Is getting hard to find
From the moving images that dance
And parade around the mind
Sprint or mara
:iconthereaperman:thereaperman 1 2
An unexpected event in SSJ :iconclairebearer:clairebearer 666 210
Like LSD
  A swing sqeaks off in the distance somewhere where I can't see, sounding like a morning bird disturbing the lonely air with tweets of greeting and good cheer.  Children are laughing like hyenas, enjoying themselves thoroughly.  I'm feeling miffed, slightly insulted by an exchange of words which took place an hour or two ago.  I had felt stupid, but I had been well-founded.
  Well, water under the bridge.
  I focus my attention on the sun, which is setting to my left.  Its rays are doing little to penetrate the annoying cool breeze nipping at my toes and fingertips.  I stare into the brightness, hoping to burn away unpleasant thoughts and sensations, or at least distract myself from them for a few slightly painful moments.
  I'm waiting in anticipation for someone, eyeing the parking lot every time I hear a car lumber over the speedbump.  No, no.  Nope.  I shiver, and occasionally, my heart skips a beat.  I'm excited.
  The sun sinks rapidly, depriving me of luscious, golden warmth in
:iconvintagemegood:VintageMeGood 1 4
Tsuki wa...Gackt :iconqueengalaxia:QueenGalaxia 14 6



United States
I've deleted most everyone from my friends on this account so I can limit commenting to one name.

I'll post a journal with who I'm watching, and if I've forgotten you, let me know.

:iconxvll-thestar:  Click there and watch me there, if you haven't, seen as I really don't post deviations on this name as much as I do that one.

Thank you. <3
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