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Mirage by Jerkass Mirage :iconjerkass:Jerkass 1 12 Sexeh Specks: Staring... by Jerkass Sexeh Specks: Staring... :iconjerkass:Jerkass 2 11 1 UP by Jerkass 1 UP :iconjerkass:Jerkass 1 3 I Named Him Fuzzy Jimmy. by Jerkass I Named Him Fuzzy Jimmy. :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 12 Steven and Me. by Jerkass Steven and Me. :iconjerkass:Jerkass 2 25
How Interesting - 11-11-05
SCHOOL - Chemisty Class
12:20 PM
According to my friends, I am NOT the stereotypical lezzy.
Oh boy.
Lunch table convos? Crazy.
Wrestlers spandex, naked dreams and Scott the Gaywad.
We believe that the sloppy joes are made out of dog food...or perhaps they strained yesterdays left-over chili.
Oh well, I ate it, and I enjoyed it.
12:22 PM
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackle...choke*
Lunch was fun. The girls next to us were dead silent the whole time, listening to our convo.
Mondo buttheads.
The one, whom I do believe is named Autumn, (who names their kid after a season? "Hey, Winter, get over here!") had to move away from me.
Wouldn't want my lezzy germs leaking out of my ear and onto her shoulder.
12:31 PM
No time to explain lunch, this Chemistry class is ridiculous.
(I do want to mention that a whole line of guys were trying to flip on the wall like the Matrix, it was dumb.)
12:34 PM
Whales have mondo large penises. They call them dorks. The ocean has plenty of their sperm in it. -_-
:iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 6
FRIEK by Jerkass FRIEK :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 6 Remnants of a Parade by Jerkass Remnants of a Parade :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 8 Streak in the Sky by Jerkass Streak in the Sky :iconjerkass:Jerkass 1 9 Libbles by Jerkass Libbles :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 11 God by Jerkass God :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 11
(Verse 1)
The cold winter sees
A future I need
I'm asking for us to be
Promises to keep
Testing us so through
Baby we will be
Together forever…
I see you seeing me
Through the eyes of what could be
I see you seeing me
In our future days
May we always be
(Verse 2)
And in our summer days
Maybe we will play
Here we are to be
Baby I will be
The best love you'll ever meet
And we will be
Together forever…
:iconjerkass:Jerkass 1 10
Opal by Jerkass Opal :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 2 Eyeness by Jerkass Eyeness :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 7
Great Ones
Black eyes looking back at me,
Through the trees, through the leaves.
I cannot move, I am stunned,
I'm among the Great Ones.
I look around that's all I see,
Those black eyes looking back at me.
I can't move, I'm stiff as a board,
The only help I'll get now is from the Lord.
Surrounded now, I can't get out,
I cannot peep "help", let alone shout.
They're coming closer, I close my eyes,
Yet still I see their enormous size.
Minutes pass,
I open my eyes.
What do I see?
No more black eyes looking back at me.
:iconjerkass:Jerkass 3 6
Looks Like Zeke by Jerkass Looks Like Zeke :iconjerkass:Jerkass 0 5

Random Favourites

The Final Play
I don't know what to do...
Everything is getting out of hand,
My dreams beyond reach.
I feel like I'm losing you when you're standing right next to me,
This can't be right
I can't lose you,
Without putting up a fight
I'm sick of always getting things the hard way
I'm sick of having to figure it out on my own
I'm sick of doing this alone.
So many things could go wrong
And many already have
I won the battle
But lost the war
The war inside of me
The war that no-one sees
Battles fought in my own home
Battles fought in my room alone
I'm holding on but you're letting go
Yet there's still so much that I'll never really know
Like what it's like,
To have the best right from the start
I'm not much of anyone
I'm not cool, not really talented, and definately not smart
I always have to do things tha hard way
Many people say
That I do this to myself
But what do they know
To them I have it great
But if I do-
Then why is my life such hell
Why must I keep secrets,
That I can never tell
Promises were me
:iconxxboomerxx:XxboomerxX 2 52
Multi-coloured Sunset by SorenWrang Multi-coloured Sunset :iconsorenwrang:SorenWrang 7 22 Kirby by genchan Kirby :icongenchan:genchan 1 8 Ai by genchan Ai :icongenchan:genchan 1 6 Gohan by ccangel33 Gohan :iconccangel33:ccangel33 21 13 Lay with markings on the face by Celebwolf Lay with markings on the face :iconcelebwolf:Celebwolf 1 2
A Poem For Two
I'd do anything to try and make you laugh
None of your friends will ever love you half as much as I always will
I give you the things you've always wanted-
From your favorite someone who understands
Don't tell me how much I don't try
I keep on trying but I'm still wondering why
It's not that easy when the only person who loves you lives in Michigan
The only person who was ever there,
Never met you but still tells you how much they care
I don't know who I'm writing this to
I'm writing about her but I started with you
She's thousands of miles away,
But I don't see you showing me the things you say
She tells me how much she loves me every day
That's the person who will always care.
that's the person who will always be there.
:iconxxboomerxx:XxboomerxX 1 5
for libby by genchan for libby :icongenchan:genchan 1 5 Cross by FuSeD-ThouGhTs Cross :iconfused-thoughts:FuSeD-ThouGhTs 7 10 EveryThing.... ....Nothing by FuSeD-ThouGhTs EveryThing.... ....Nothing :iconfused-thoughts:FuSeD-ThouGhTs 3 4
It Still Kills Me
It kills me that you left
It hurts to think that you never cared
It destroys to know that you would never be there
Every little thing tells me more
About if it's true
I just want to tell you:
It still kills me to be ignored by you.
The little things
Stupid lies, phone calls never returned
I've been so burned
By every little thing that tears me apart
The little things that destroy me
The little things you'll never see
The little things that make me, me
This is what happens when you're pissed about being pissed
When you lose it all
When you resist just to resist(Chronic Future)
The little things that tear me apart
The things that grew from the start
The fake words
All the rumors I've heard
Is any of it true?
Do you know that I still care about you?
I really hope you do
But I still wonder-
Do you even care?
Author's Note: ummm....It's kind of hard to type because I'm crying at the moment but....I just want to tell you-I still care.
:iconxxboomerxx:XxboomerxX 5 37
Love me
Hate me
Fuck me
Rape me
Take me
Give me
Steal me
Leave me
Adore me
Flaunt me
Use me
Taunt me
Spare me
Exploit me
Avoid me
Support me
Share me
Conceal me
Amuse me
Perplex me
Push me
Shove me
Shoot me
Cut me
Pash me
Slash me
Gash me
Trash me
Chill me
Grill me
Thrill me
:iconicequeen--:IceQueen-- 3 40
Hiroshi by Dungho Hiroshi :icondungho:Dungho 2 3 The Kiss by Lostboy1701 The Kiss :iconlostboy1701:Lostboy1701 3,051 1,436



United States
I've deleted most everyone from my friends on this account so I can limit commenting to one name.

I'll post a journal with who I'm watching, and if I've forgotten you, let me know.

:iconxvll-thestar:  Click there and watch me there, if you haven't, seen as I really don't post deviations on this name as much as I do that one.

Thank you. <3
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